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For those of you that know your Lutheran history you will recognize the Castle Church Door in Wittenberg.  The famous location where Dr. Luther posted his 95 theses to begin debate which ultimately lead to the Reformation.

This blog is not a 95 theses or a call for a new reformation.  It is a place for lively debate and discussion.  For now there are 5 Lutheran pastors on the publishing team.  Some ELCA, some NALC.  We don’t agree on everything even though we are friends.  We have folks who prefer power point and those of us that prefer incense, and a couple that love both.  What we do agree on is the slide that the Church (One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church) has made in the past few years in order to appear relevant in a rapidly changing culture.

This is a place to discuss orthodoxy, what is it, where is it, can we identify it, and debate it.  We hope that you will join us in some lively debate and discussion.


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  1. Jim Watson permalink
    27June2011 16:15

    I’m always glad for good discussion, and I think low-noise, low-heat places for open dialog among people with different viewpoints are sorely needed. Looking forward to seeing what comes up on the “door.”

    I do have to say that agreement on “the slide that the Church has made in the past few years in order to appear relevant” doesn’t strike me as a particularly open starting point, though…

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