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Welcome to the Castle Church Door, a place for intelligent banter and debate.  If your method of discussion is to outshout or out type your neighbor, this is not the place for you.  Louder is most definitely better 99 percent of the time, however this is not one of those times. 


                                                                                                The Admin Team

 Welcome to this new endeavor.  Folks are here who don’t always agree with one another.  Folks are here from different denominational alphabet soups.  Folks are here who laugh together and argue with one another.  But we share one thing – a passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for his bride, The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

 MONDAY 27 JUNE 2011

 Back in the dark ages of my seminary education some 22 years ago, I heard the words many pastors have heard, “The epitaph of the Church will be, ‘We’ve never done it that way before.'” I’ve even uttered them in a meeting or two, perhaps you have as well.

 For years I believed these truths to be self evident.  But about 12 years ago, during the worship wars, I was chairing the Synod Worship Team in the synod I served.  I began to grow concerned with the “everything for everybody” approach congregations were taking.  We would talk about compromise, about contextual worship, about separate worships services on separate days of the week. 

 What I saw were congregations, mostly operating out of fear of declining numbers and declining dollars, trying to become an Ecclesiological Walmart, a place where everyone could shop and find everything.  In the pursuit of that end and the resulting of fear, we have witnessed the birth of “Super Store” congregations and the closing of many smaller parishes. 

 This cycle of fear has lead us to a place where many congregations truly believe that they must “be everything to everyone” in order to survive.  I believe this fear induced response has lead the Church to drift, slide, sometimes sprint away from 2,000 years of orthodoxy in her teaching, her preaching, her worship, and her ecclesiology (way of being the Church).

 We hope this humble effort will provide some kindling for the debate fire and that you will join in our debate.

 Peace –

David Brobston

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  1. Ronald A Orovitz permalink
    3July2011 13:01

    This is a question. Is it possible for subscribers to post an article or personal piece for discussion? I have just finished reading “Reclaiming the Lutheran Liturgical Heritage” Blue Papers Vol 1 published by Reclaim Resources 2007. This volume focuses mostly on communion practices, and calls into question much that I have a habit of doing in the communion liturgy, particulary the eucharistic prayer. I would like to post a piece on that topic, and see what discussion comes out.

    • 3July2011 23:42

      Ronald, I think I can speak for the group of authors that we would love others to contribute as well. It’s one of the reasons we chose the name of the blog. Not only did Luther post his theses, but there were many other notices posted on doors like that as well. Please join in the discussion and participation and eucharist and eucharistic practice is a wonderful place to start. = DWB@CCD

  2. Preston B. Foster permalink
    3July2011 13:11

    “People learn from one another, just as iron sharpens iron.” Proverbs 27:17 TEV
    As much as I would personally enjoy operating the forge from the outside, the Lord blesses me with the promise that I will be made new inside the fire. I’m just a dumb iron bar in the loving grip of the Master smith. It takes kindling to light and heat a forge. Keep striking sparks!

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