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First Commandment Stuff


“You shall have no other gods.”

“We are to fear, love, and trust God above anything else.”  (Luther, SC)

I have spent much time thinking about this commandment and how it applies to the Christian life.  There are lots of things that I can make into a god that divert my attention away from the One God.  In college it was an obsession with my career as a student/athlete in Track and Field, breaking records, winning races, not to mention the glory that came along with it as other students coveted being on a Division I track team.  But when it was over it was over.  At the heart of it all I had left the God who loves me and put all my energy and passion into the sport.  There can be a balance in that of course, and for most there is, but for me there was none.   The idol I created was akin to Nike the goddess of Victory.  🙂 That’s just one example.

Lately I’ve been hearing and reading about Christians hosting Muslims in their churches.  I can’t say that that part bothers me too much, I mean as an act of hospitality I understand.  However, I am a bit disturbed to see portions of the Koran being read in Christian worship.  Mainline publishing houses creating calls to worship based upon the Koran.  It is a non-trinitarian religion, we are a trinitarian people. This mixing of traditions and religions is dangerously close (maybe even is) to the syncretism of the Old Testament.  One God.  One Lord.  One Faith.  One Baptism.  I know there is some rationale that we are “all worshipping the same God” but this causes confusion for me.  I do not claim to have any expertise whatsoever in this arena so perhaps you know more about it and can dialogue with me here.  My concern is catechetical.  My concern is about the First Commandment.  Why do it?  Especially when our people don’t always have a firm grasp of who we are Christian disciples?

“I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.”  How does that identity of Jesus jive with a religion that never called Jesus “Messiah” only “prophet” or “wise man” or “someone to look up to.”  Help me out here, I really want to know.

Peace be with you in Christ Jesus our Lord.


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