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For He is good…


   The holes were deep and big.  There were six of them.  As the  concrete was being poured into them we threw some keep sakes in for fun.  An empty  plastic Easter egg was on of them.  Hopefully the structural integrity of these footers wasn’t going to be compromised–but it was the risk we were willing to take.  The footers were being poured in order to form the foundation upon which a modular classroom was soon to rest.  The classroom was coming as a cost effective way to add space for the growing Sunday School program.  Lots of effort was being taken to ensure that this modular classroom would rest securely and upon a solid foundation.
Foundations are vital, aren’t they?  Think of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, for instance.  A faulty foundation has lead to an ever increasing tilt.  Without a firm foundation, structures will not withstand the test of time (Given, that tower in Pisa wasn’t built yesterday, but the point is valid none the less).
In the 3rd chapter of Ezra the people put together a big ole celebration in order to praise God that the foundation for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem was laid.  The Israelites had been in exile in Babylon until King Cyrus of Persia set the captives free and sent them home to rebuild and reclaim their land.  The Temple was the first project to be tackled because worship is at the center of our lives and our community.  As the people celebrated the laying of the foundation, this was their prayer and praise, “For He is good.  His steadfast love endures forever!” Ezra 3:11.
Often when we think of foundation we think of the hard stuff.  The  rocks, the concrete, the stone upon which structures are constructed.  Certainly, this was what caused the celebration in Jerusalem.  The Temple was built upon such a foundation.  However, the rock upon which the temple was built; upon which churches are constructed; upon which we build our lives is the very profession of that praise from ancient Israel.  “For He is good.  His steadfast love endures forever!”  This is our foundation.  This is the rock–Jesus is the Rock–that is our foundation.
For He is good.  This is a foundation.  It is a promise and an unwavering truth.  He is good.  What He does is good–think back to the days of creation.  His purposes are good–think of sending His Son for our redemption.  His nature is good–everything about our God is good.
Foundations provide stability when the circumstances of the world bring forces against the structures they support.  For buildings this often means earthquakes and tornados, floods and tsunamis, wind and rain.  Oh, if we only had to withstand such forces.

My father in law passed away last week.  I’m getting ready to preach and preside at his funeral.  Less than three months ago I did the same for my brother in law, his son.  In the face of death, I need to be reminded that “He is good and His steadfast love endures forever.”  Along with that, I need to be reminded that my feet–and your feet–stand upon the rock solid foundation that is Jesus Christ.  “For He is good and His steadfast love endures forever.”  Come hell or high water, come depression, pain, anguish, divorce, cancer, broken relationships–whatever life throws at you, there is hope.  Find the peace and comfort in knowing that your feet are planted and drilled into the rock solid foundation that is the Lord of Host, the God of Jacob, the Rock of ages, and the Savior of the whole world.  This is our foundation as our world is rocked and turned upside down.  This is our strength when we don’t have the strength to stand.  This is the promise when every other promise is broken.  This is our redemption.  This is your redemption.  Even in the face of death we stand upon the One that went through death and lives to tell about it.  He is Good because in the darkest days He provides.  His love endures even–especially–as our loved ones don’t.  Rest upon your foundation, Terry–for He is good!

Credit: iStockphoto/Mike Clarke)

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