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Where Are the Lutherans?


Pastor, blogger, and co-author of “Why We’re Not Emergent:  By Two Guys Who Should Be”, Kevin DeYoung recently wrote a blog asking the question, “What’s Up With Lutherans?”.  Outlining five possible answers as to why he (DeYoung) doesn’t really know any Lutherans, read any Lutherans, or anything else.

Given that the CCD blog is composed by Lutheran pastors, I thought I would ask… what is up with us?

I served my internship at Christ Lutheran Church in Dallas, TX.  Having grown up in Ohio, where the question is not, “What is a Lutheran?” but “Are you ALC, LCA, or LCMS?” I didn’t know what to say when my new next-door neighbor at the apartment complex asked me, “So what is a Lutheran?  Like a Mormon or something?”.

To whom do we point and say, “S/he is a Lutheran!”  Gone are the days of Franklin Clark Fry as Mr. Protestant.  We have “The Lutherans Song” by Lost and Found; but how many of those folks are known in the public square for being Lutheran?  Is there anyone like that?

Even in churchy circles – are the Lutherans known?  Or does Kevin DeYoung’s blog post, rather than point to an absence of Lutherans, really point to the sharp divide between Liberal and Evangelical Christianity (I know, labels stink, and every person uses them differently)?  If I ask in mainline Protestant circles who Mark Allen Powell is (editor of the most recent HarperCollins Bible Dictionary), will they know?  Certainly they won’t in the Evangelical circles, if DeYoung is any indication.

I know that this post is not terribly coherent – I will explain why that is in next week’s post.  But DeYoung’s post really has me thinking… who are the Lutherans… where are they… and to what extent does it matter?


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  1. Geoff SinIbaldo permalink
    14July2011 14:58

    I posted a response to DeYoung yesterday on Lutheran Forum thanks to Sarah Wilson –
    -Geoff Sinibaldo

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