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It’s Monday


Today is Monday, the day I am scheduled to post on the door.  Most often on Sunday nights I can be found busily pecking away at my keyboard making sure the post is ready for publication first thing Monday morning.

Last night I wasn’t pecking away at my keyboard, I just forgot.  This morning when I awakened I was planning to get to the office first thing and peck away at my keyboard and get today’s post published – somewhere between stepping in the shower and arriving at the office, I forgot.  So here we are just before lunch and I am finally ready to peck away at my keyboard and I have found that maybe I didn’t forget as much as I really don’t have much to say about ecclesiology today other than I’m angry and frustrated.

I am angry and frustrated at church bodies that put the sole (or is it the soul) interpretation of all things Holy in the hands of a supreme pontiff and then declare that he is infallible, only years later to have a new supreme pontiff call into question decisions made by a previous pontiff who were at the time infallible.  For example, Pope Benedict XVI seriously questioning some of the decisions brought forth by Vatican II.  This does not seem faithful to me.

I am angry and frustrated about a church body that brings over a thousand people, (2/3 of them not theologically trained) together to vote on what is or is not holy/Biblical/mete and salutary.  In these meetings often times the teaching theologians of the denomination have very little voice in the discussions.  Much more talk about feeling than theology.

I am angry and frustrated by a church body that chooses to close itself off to fellowship and participation in the larger body of Christ because they deem that the rest of us are somehow unclean or unworthy.  The large parish behind my parking lot may as well place a large neon sign that says INFIDEL with an arrow pointing across the parking lot at us.

I am angry at these fast growing entertainment centers that play church.  Activities for every age group.  Great bands and music.  A program and program director for everything under the sun.  They really look like a fun place to hang out with friends, have a beer, and listen to some good music.  I watched one of the services from a local evangeltainment congregation yesterday and heard the name Jesus once during the entire 60 minutes, and that was in a praise song.  The sermon sounded more like a pep talk to a football team than it did a homily.

I am frustrated with those who think that changing 2000 years of Christian tradition and theology with a proclamation or a vote is perfectly acceptable, and I am frustrated with those who stand up and claim that they have not changed at all in 2000 years and use pointed words at those who have, including local language for worship.

I am angry that 1 in 5 adults don’t want anything to do with the Church according to PEW RESEARCH, while 79% believe in Jesus according to RASMUSSEN REPORTS.  There is something wrong with those numbers, or maybe it means there is something wrong in the Church.

Today I am frustrated, and I have no answers – just more questions and one prayer, “Come quickly Lord Jesus come, before we with good intentions drive all of your lambs away. Amen.”



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  1. Fr. Joseph Summerville permalink
    8August2011 12:12

    And we wonder why people leave the church in its various flavours… or why they don’t respect organized religion.

  2. Scott Mauch permalink
    8August2011 19:29

    Well said my friend, and I share in your frustration. To add to your conclusion, I agree that the church is pushing people away, but I also think that there are many who leave the church because of their own self-centeredness. A prevalent mindset in our culture says that if I cannot get my way in all things then I do not want anything to do with you.

  3. 9August2011 21:27

    I, too, share your frustration. It is why I often consider myself a Lutheran Pastor that is “spiritual but not religious” and address my blog to issues of God’s activity in the world. Because the fastest growing “denomination” is those people who believe in Jesus and want nothing to do with the church.

    Sure – self-centered individualism is one cause. But in my estimation, the church failing to act like the Jesus that folks encounter in scripture is far more at the root of the defection.


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