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Spiritual Necrosis- Stop the Dying Process


This summer I discovered the Dr. Oz show.  It was on in the gym as my kids were at swim team and so as I hit the treadmill, I would watch the good doctor teach people how to be healthier.  He never does this teaching in a threatening or judging way, demanding that people get their lives together and start eating right, take their Omega 3’s, and get off their butts and start moving. . . instead in every show he has someone put the purple gloves on with a lab coat and join him at the examination table.  He asks them to pull back the blue surgical towels which then reveal a healthy set of tissues and a necrotic set of tissues.  “Touch them,” he urges.  “What do they feel like?”

Maybe you don’t like seeing those lungs, kidneys, aorta, esophagus and stomach on the table. . . but me, I worked with animal tissues for over five years before becoming a pastor.  I’ve dissected more rats, mice, rabbits than I care to think about.  I am a certified Histology Technician from my former life and so I can look at the smallest sliver of animal tissue and tell you exactly what organ it is a part of- even if it is cold, dark and dying.

As tissue begins to die its substance and structure begin to get thin and weak.  It loses its natural elasticity.  It may develop hard, tumor-like adhesions or it may shrink away to nothing.  Even the untrained eye can tell the difference; even the non scientist can tell that this organ is in trouble and is slowly dying.

Makes me think about the Spiritual Necrosis all around us in our culture today— even, I daresay, in our churches.

This past week I was reflecting on a lecture I heard about the universality of Jesus Christ.  In the religious pluralism of our culture we have been sold a bill of goods that says “all religions lead to the same Truth.”  I would agree that there is some inherent little-t truth in all religions:  moral tenets to live by, self-actualization, a greater enlightenment of the human being, a life of devotion and prayer etc.  But do all religions lead to the ONE Capital T Truth- that Jesus Christ is THE Savior of the Universe?  Not simply a prophet.  Not just a wise person.  Not just a model of the godly life.  But the SAVIOR!

Part of the Truth isn’t the whole Truth.  Part of the Whole isn’t the Whole.  You cannot remain healthy on a diet of potato chips and beer just by throwing in an apple once a week.

Jesus said, “I am the Way, and the Truth and the Life” not “one way” or “one truth” or “one kinda life among many other choices/paths/directions.”  THE Way, THE Truth, THE Life.  Do we want our children, our friends, our neighbors, or even our worst enemies to miss out on what Jesus has to offer?  New life and life abundant!  Life in eternity!  Forgiveness and transformation.  Shelter from the storm?  Hope for the hopeless?  Spiritual health and maturity that is grounded in the cross of Calvary and Christ’s death, resurrection, ascension and future return??

Some water. . . does not equal the Living Water.  It doesn’t even equal pure water.

Some life does not equal fully living. . . it could also mean slowly dying.

The thing is, we, as those who believe in Christ, who believe that he not only wants to be our friend but wants to SAVE us, have to make sure this word gets out.  Can’t you see the dying all around us?  Can’t you see the spiritual necrosis eating away at healthy bodies, minds and spirits?  Jesus, who is for ALL people, is the only ONE who can stop the dying process.  The answer to the world’s spiritual necrosis is the one and only Savior of all nations- Jesus of Nazareth.  He wants to bring us back to new life, a life that is rooted in the Truth of what God has done and is still doing among all nations.  This good news is for everyone!  Thanks be to God!


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  1. 16August2011 11:39

    Well said!

  2. 17August2011 05:48

    Something I keep hearing in my denomination is people proudly boasting, but ours is a broad church. I cannot help but wonder if that is something to be proud of. After all does Jesus not describe his way as the narrow way? Are we becoming so broad thast we can no longer fit down the narrow way?

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