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Movements by Nature . . . Move


Thank you Yogi Berra! Next, I’m going to remind you that when you come to the fork in the road, take it.

Movements by nature move. Things that move change. I’m the early stages (once again) of getting my mid-forties posterior moving more and consuming less each day. Hopefully over time, things will change. I will be healthier,  look different, a bit less round would be nice.
Movements by nature, move. When things move they change. When movements change there are at least some who feel a sense of loss. Many of those grieving that loss produced by change in a movement (they do move remember) will try to bolt down enough of the moving parts so that the movement changes less, or sometimes not all all. This is when a movement ceases to be a movement and becomes an institution. Some say this is inevitable. They’re probably right.
I believe that the Reformation started out as a movement. A move to change the Church of it’s day. A Church that had shifted away from some very important things and then bolted those things down in the wrong place. Access to Holy Communion was messed up- and stuck there. Church authorities were selling forgiveness of sins and a better place in heaven. Most of all, the authority of the Word had been supplanted by the authority of  human reason and tradition. Things needed to move again. And did they! One guy made a list of 95 things that needed to be moved.
This cycle of change – movements moving then settling down into institutions has repeated itself many times of the past five centuries. We are now (at least those of us in the West) in the midst of more movement. Things have gotten bolted down in the wrong place. Now experience has supplanted the Word. So, movements are starting up.
The North American Lutheran Church is well into it’s own contribution to the movement to restore Lutheranism to it’s best place- a movement. Others have been at this for a few more years, but the same intent is there- Movement! Reformation! A question for this newest contributor to the movement will be how long will they sustain the discomfort necessary to move things closer back into place before bolting things down again? It’s hard to say, but between The North American Lutheran Church, Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ and their Presbyterian and Anglican counterparts there is movement. It’s about time.
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