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Disciple Making 101


Perhaps it is presumptuous, but what follows is how we are
trying to make disciples at Spirit of Joy Church. Jesus said ‘follow me’ , not
‘admire me’. The work of Mike Foss’s “Power Surge” heavily shape the
discipleship process at our congregation.

Foss’s work begins with the assumption that acting like a
disciple has more impact on opening up spiritual growth than thinking about it
and hoping that those thoughts somehow re-form one’s life. So The Six Marks
serve as a behavioral yardstick for what are normal biblical behaviors of
someone following Jesus. They are as follows:

Pray Daily

Worship Weekly

Read the Bible Regularly

Serve at and beyond the local congregation

Relationships that nurture spiritual growth

Give generously

These six marks or indicators for the new members process
and are the first place we turn to in selecting leaders, designing  classes and articulating what it means to be
part of a local congregation. Most people want a concrete picture of what
discipleship looks like. Jesus regularly said ‘Follow me”. Paul exhorted his
readers to follow him as he follows Christ.

No approach is perfect and we still tinker with this one a
lot. But these discipleship indicators serve well as we make the shift from
membership in the club to disciples on a mission.


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