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Diving Deep


I was petrified of water, I could dog paddle but I was and still am far from being an accomplished swimmer.  My sister in law was a champion swimmer and life guard and gave up in frustration when trying to teach me how to float.  Okay, stop laughing, there are some of us that just aren’t buoyant.   However, the idea of scuba diving fascinated me.  I wanted to see the world that was out of sight, beneath the waves.

It took me a while to garner the courage and then to find a dive buddy and then to schedule the classes, but finally I was able to say that I am a scuba diver.  The idea of bobbing along the surface with a vest and snorkel does not appeal to me at all.  I want to be under the water, 30 feet, 60 feet, tank on my back and hovering through an amazing new world of fascinating beauty.

I’ve done this ministry thing for close to 20 years now, this is the 20th year that a congregation I have been a part of has offered some sort of “Pastor’s Class” in the evening during the week.  I’ve done survey studies of various books of The Bible.  I have done book studies and even led a couple of studies inside of bookstores.  Once I even taught Greek in the parish.

Most of these studies have been thorough, faithful, orthodox and have probably skimmed the surface.  I have been afraid of diving too deep, fearing that people would be afraid to come, that they would feel that the study would be overwhelming, intimidating, or just too much work.  What I have found during these years is that I have the same 10-12 folks that show up each week no matter what we have studied (it was only 6 for Greek).

Starting tonight my parish is going to get a chance to study theology.  Honest to goodness orthodox theology.  Ancient teachings of The Church – we are going to be looking at dusty and outdated material from the first seven ecumenical councils.  You can see those councils if you click ->

This class is going to dive deep into Scripture, Church History, Theology, Heresies, and other details.  I hope the folks will be pushed, challenged, and stretched.  I know that I have been challenged just putting the course together.  I have decided to take those 10-12 folks deeper than I normally would, knowing that some folks may be scared off but praying that the regulars will have their faith deepened.

Will it work or will folks be intimidated?  Is this a good method of making disciples or is casting a broader net a better answer?  I guess time will tell.  No worries though, I’ll keep you posted.



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