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What is necessary…


Just a brief thought this morning: we participated in the liturgy at a congregation in Chicago yesterday…the place our son and daughter-in-law call home. Of course, there were differences in the way the mass was celebrated. Local options are an honored part of our Lutheran tradition. But when the reformers speak of preaching the Word and celebrating the Sacraments rightly…how much leeway does that give us? Is it necessary, for example, to say “for you” when the elements are distributed? Is it necessary for Jesus’ name to be spoken during the sermon by way of more than a passing reference? Not sure I have all the answers…but the questions will keep me busy for a while. Perhaps our practice needs this kind of constant care and attention.


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  1. 19September2011 10:00

    Further, what is necessary in the Eucharistic liturgy? Is The Great Thanksgiving necessary? Are the words of institution necessary? I would say “yes” to both of those! However, not all churches of the reformation practice this and would relegate some parts of the liturgy to the file folder called “adiaphora.” And I do think the words “for you” are incredibly important as is more than simply the name of Jesus. What did Jesus do for us? What does he continue to do? We need to hear it over and over and over again. Thanks for the question today DN!

  2. Julianne Smith permalink
    19September2011 11:06

    Considering what Luther said about believing in the words “given and shed for you” I think it is important, if not necessary to hear those words “for you” in the Eucharist.

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