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Desperate to get in…


Story #1:
It started with noises in the ceiling over our bedroom…scratching, running, odd little grunts and chirps. I figured it was a squirrel. No big deal. We’ve had squirrels in the attic before. Sooner or later they make their way out, and we’ve never had any damage.
The Mrs. wasn’t buying the squirrel theory. Neither was the guy from the cable company who crawled up into the attic and discovered that something had chewed through the wires. In fact, he came face to face with our intruder…a rather large and remarkably unfriendly raccoon. To complicate the issue, it turned out to be a Momma raccoon who (as it turns out) would deliver her babies on Mother’s Day. Isn’t that just sweet?
The Board of Property guys (a good practical bunch) didn’t take such a romantic view of the situation. Momma had to go. So, the following Friday evening, we held a stake-out party…also billed as a raccoon exorcism. It was a great plan. Having removed the old, broken plastic vent cover off the end of the attic, a good number of us gathered across the parking lot. We set up our lawn chairs facing the opening; we armed ourselves with cold beverages, plenty of snacks, and binoculars in order to watch for the raccoon to leave the nest on her nightly foray. It took a while, but our patience was rewarded. The beasty climbed out the opening, up the chimney, across the roof and scooted down the TV antenna and out into the woods. A few of us then scrambled up onto the adjacent roof and quickly covered the opening with a nice heavy metal vent cover. And lo, there was much rejoicing at having (finally) gotten the animal out. Yippee!
Early the next Sunday morning, about 1:30am…the night before she was (apparently) to give birth…our masked friend returned. Upon finding access to her nest covered by metal, she starting tearing into things…including a couple of nearby bedroom screens. (Good thing we had the windows closed!) I could hardly believe the ferocity of this little animal…so desperate was she to get back in. And wouldn’t you know: she succeeded. She tore a hole in the metal cover, ripped it away from the metal frame into which it had been securely screwed and left it hanging there in shreds and pieces.

Story #2:
Some members of the congregation let me know that they hadn’t been able to come to church for a few weeks because one Sunday they drove into the parking lot and couldn’t find a space. So they went home.

Follow-up Question:
What does the raccoon understand that we human beings don’t? Are there places worth fighting your way in to? What are we willing to give/spend/invest of ourselves in order to come into that most desirable of all human “nests”…the presence of the gracious and living God?
I’ll let you answer those questions for yourself. In the meantime: if you show up here and the lot is full, go ahead and park on the grass.


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  1. 17October2011 15:26

    A FANTASTIC story!!!!!! Publish it! I hope folks stand in line and fight their way onto the blog to read it!

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