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Before you read today’s post, spend 4 minutes and watch this video:

It blew my mind! I’m reading Qualman’s book right now—it is really good—but the book and the video beg the question: What does all this mean for the church? My guess is a whole lot. A simple example: Did you get here because of Facebook? If not this time, how about the first time? This blog site is visited a whole lot more (yeah, that’s my scientific research and numbers) when links are posted on Facebook and twitter than when they are not posted on these outlets.

What does Socialnomics have to do with the body of Christ? Thankfully, recent thought has been reminding us that the church is not bricks and mortar but a collection of Images of God. And I don’t mean the cool stained glass windows. We—you and me—people—are the Church. Jesus said “Whenever 2 or 3 are gathered, I’m there” He didn’t say whenever 2-3 are gathered in their pews!  The church is where the people are—and according to the video you watched—the people are on social media. Not that I needed to see a video to be told this—but really, the 3rd largest country would be Facebook!

So….What does digital church look like? What does virtual church look like? (and please don’t fall into the trap of reading the above and thinking “church” means worship and this is a question about watching a church service via the internet while sitting in your pj’s—though this is happening) How can the Body of Christ leverage the power of social media to have an impact for the Kingdom of God? While I think it is a good thing that Facebook has overtaken pornography as the prime past time for Internet users, I’m certain we are called to bigger and better ways.

I’ve got some thoughts. But I’d love to hear yours.

Here is my example. I recently created a closed group on Facebook that has some guys in it. Within this group we post scripture readings and reflect on them, we share videos and music that speaks to us of God’s activity, we reflect on where we see God at work in our day, and we share prayer requests with one another. None of us has the time to get together on a daily basis to have these conversations—but because of the Internet—because Facebook is where we already are—this is where the church is—this is where discipleship is happening. It’s been really cool so far.

What are you doing to leverage socialnomics for the sake of the Kingdom of God?


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