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I Just Love a Good Baptism, Don’t You?


Last year I wrote about a baby that was to be born in September as I reflected on the idea of labor pains and spiritual growth (Labor Pains: September 20, 2011).  Well that baby, Cara, was born in September and was baptized during Advent.  Here’s a picture of the two of us after her baptism.  Some of the children and I were showing her where her first Sunday School room will be in a couple of years.  Isn’t she pretty?  She’s wearing her mother’s baptismal gown!

My favorite times in worship are those when we have a baptism.  Such joy and energy and splashing of water!  The promises of God are so clearly proclaimed!  What God has done is articulated so beautifully:  The Spirit moving over the water at creation, the deliverance of Noah and his kin, the parting of the Red Sea and march of Israelites to the Promised Land.  Hearing that history renews my faith.  Seeing a child of God being welcomed into the family of faith always stirs my deepest emotions.  Reminding the congregation of their promises to the child continues to be a blessed teaching time.  Denying the forces that pull us away from our Creator are a stark reminder of our human propensity to sin. Confessing our faith in the Triune God who loves us to the ends of the earth.  . . all of these elements of the baptismal liturgy inspires faith and deepens our relationship with Christ.

And I LOVE it– every time!  I can’t get enough of it! I am filled with a deep gratitude for what God is doing among his people.  Cara’s angelic face reminds me of the overflowing, abundant, never failing love of God in our lives.  She represents our new beginning in Christ Jesus and gives us hope for a brighter future, a future characterized by freedom.  The dedication and faith of her parents and godparents who present her for the sacrament touches my heart and reminds me of my own baptism.  The community of faith’s promise to help pass on the traditions/love/Christian faith always moves me to a deeper sense of true koinonia (Greek word for community characterized by love and devotion).

Thanks Cara for inviting us to be a part of your new life in Christ.

Thank you Christ for freeing us from sin and death and empowering us to live in the covenant of faith and in communion with all the saints.  Thanks for inspiring us and keeping us going on this journey!



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