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sacred moments that restore the soul


She was a survivor.  She beat cancer over 10 years ago.  But now it was back with avengence. And this time, Jane wasn’t going to make it.  I’d visited her in the hospital, but now she was home to spend her last days in comfort.  I brought her communion.  The gift of a simple meal that speaks powerful truths.  We prayed. We sat in silence.  I read from the Word of God and we sat in silence some more–letting the Holy Spirit resonate the Word in our hearts.  And then I left.

Later I got a call that Jane desired one more thing before her death.  It had been on her heart for years.  Her grandkids were not baptized.

Late Thursday afternoon I led a church service at Jane’s house.  And, in the presence of God, 5 of Jane’s grandkids and 1 daughter in law were claimed, named, washed, and anointed in the Word as it met 3 scoops of water.  Candles were lit.  Prayers were lifted up.  Tears were shed.  And hearts rejoiced.  I had the privilege of staining each of their heads with the sign of the Cross.  I anointed Jane for her death.  It was a moment pregnant with meaning and power.

Jane died 3 hours later.

3 days after that Jane was draped with the funeral pall.  Her journey in baptism was complete. Washed and redeemed.  Clothed and covered.  Anointed and called.  And yet, her story continues in the baptismal journey of her family.  And it is going to be fun to watch it unfold.

As  a pastor, I know the work that I do has meaning.  But there are days when I’m more in tune with what the Holy Spirit is doing.  There are days when my eyes are opened to see God’s handiwork.  And then, like that Thursday, there are days that blow me away as I witness the power of God Incarnate.  There are days when I can’t help but smile as God shows off.  Each of us has experienced those sacred moments when His love is tangible and palpable.  Days when David’s faithful words ring true.  “He restores my soul.”  Thanks You Jesus (and thank you Jane for being His instrument) that even in the shadow of death You restore souls!



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