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How do you wish to be healed?


Recently I participated in a Healing Service.  The sanctuary was dimly lit, voices were soft, movement was reverent, hearts and minds were open to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness.   I began to wonder about the quality of healing and the depth, breadth and endurance of its nature.

Physical:  We desire physical wellness, but it will always and evermore be a temporary reality. We are, as we know, dust, and even the most vigorous human body will one day return to dust.

Mental:  The intellect and its capacity to process and respond to reality’s information grows throughout our physical life.  At times it can suffer at the hand of a wide array of challenges.   At other times it will be keen and clear, especially as we surrender our human understanding to the mystery of how we see the world with the Mind of Christ.

Emotional:  Indeed, our actions and interactions emerging from feelings may offer a foretaste of the eternal.  People will remember how they felt in our presence long after our faces have disappeared from earth  For us, our emotional landscape may tremor with aftershocks at the sound of a voice or an image long past.   Feelings that are not healed can form shackles around our hearts and minds.

Spiritual:  There it is–the entry point to eternity. When we lean into Christ’s healing presence through word and sacrament we cross the threshold. When we are spiritually healed, our feelings, thoughts and yes, all that we “do” with our bodies becomes a beacon which illuminates and directs others to God’s eternal love, wisdom and compassion. When we are spiritually whole we dwell in peace–during our limited, finite days and then, for evermore!

How do you wish to be healed and made whole?


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