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I’m finally, FINALLY, going to do it.  I am moving to Facebook’s timeline.

Some colleagues wonder why anyone should be on Facebook at all, some have a Facebook account because they think they should but don’ t know what to do with it, and some see Facebook as a viable ministry tool.  I had a parent who would hardly say anything to me face-to-face for a year or so who would freely chat on Facebook.  On Facebook I am able to see what the youth are up to, keep in contact with friends across the country, and touch base with family.  But the purpose of this blog post is not to extol the virtues of Facebook.  The purpose is to talk about Timeline and reflection.

Before you publish (make it public) your Timeline, you are given a week to go through everything you have ever posted on Facebook.  There are things which may not be appropriate and/or may get you into some hot water.  You can Google “fired over facebook” and find any number of articles or instances where public posting in the online sphere caused some difficulties.  To their credit, Facebook is giving you that week to clear out your timeline.  Thankfully, I didn’t avidly start using Facebook until after I was already a husband, parent, and pastor, so from the  get-go I was aware that what I was putting out there could be read by anyone.

I did go through the first year and a half of my timeline, just to see how things were.  It was fascinating!  Not because I am particularly interesting (only my kids think I am, and even they won’t think that for too much longer), but because it gave me a snapshot of what was going on with myself and my friends in particular moments.  I was able to read congratulations on the birth of our daughter.  I read through several posts by friends I had not seen or interacted with in years prior to becoming Facebook friends.  I saw comments on some of my posts from people who are no longer friends – Facebook or otherwise.  Sorting through my timeline gave me an opportunity to reflect on the last few years; time to pause and give thanks for the good times and thanks that God led me through the bad.

Reflection is an important spiritual discipline.  As Scott noted yesterday, Lent is drawing near.  One of the things I treasure about the season of Lent is the time of intentional reflection.  When we start to think about what we will give up (fast) or start to do (prayer and alms giving) for Lent, we think through those things which have a hold in our life – or those things that we wished had a hold on our lives.  As we march steadily into the Lenten season (Transfiguration of Our Lord this Sunday, and Ash Wednesday is less than a week away!) I will be looking back over my timeline – but not just my Facebook one.  I will take time to reflect, to pause, to consider.  In an offertory prayer it is said that our time is a sign of God’s gracious love.  Enjoy the gift of time, remember the time you have been given, and consider what you will do with the time you have.


If you want to find me on Facebook – here I am!

For that matter, I am on Twitter, too.


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  1. 17February2012 09:46

    hmmmm…. seems that the Holy Spirit is moving us in a similar direction. The Lenten Devotional I am offering to folks is “Once Upon A Time”, an interactive tool to encourage folks to look at their OWN life story for the many, many places where they have either participated with God’s movements or resisted them. I am wondering if there are CCD folks who might be interested in using it for their own Lenten Devotional time. It won’t be public. But it may, perhaps, be a place and time for each one of us to plumb the depths of our own stories — after all we spend so much time and energy companioning others into the wilderness or oasis spots of faith life (but sometimes we avoid the adventure of trekking towards and through our own!). Perhaps the CCD administrators would link CCD to my Lenten Site? Let me know….

  2. 17February2012 09:46

    forgot to sign my name– that comment was from Pamela

  3. Scott permalink
    17February2012 12:25

    Good stuff Keith.
    A couple of weeks ago one of my fellow cohort students from my DMin program wrote this about the facebook timeline and it’s future. Worth reading, certainly feasible, and lots of ministry implications!


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