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My 5 year old loves to play the Wii.  And he recently discovered the joys of the Mii channel.  With this “game” you can create your own character—customizing the look, shape, hair, eyes—you name it.  Then you get to use the character you created to play many of the games.  It is a pretty cool customization aspect of the Wii.  As I said, Ethan has just discovered how to do this.  So we quickly created avatars for him and the rest of our family.  But Ethan took it further.  Ethan always takes it further…

With 4 children under the age of 6 and a husband who leaves the house for worship while it is still dark, Sunday mornings are anything but restful for my wife.  Getting to worship is hard, and often times impossible.  But, thanks to some wonderful friends, Ethan gets picked up in time for Sunday School and heads home with me after worship.  This means that he is sometimes “parentless” at church because daddy is busy.  It is a blessing to watch as the congregation has adopted him in and filled the roll of parent during that worship hour on Sunday.  Ethan has a long list of people he can sit with—and nothing makes my heart sing more.  But, if Ethan has the choice, he sits with Jamie!  Jamie is a high schooler who connected with Ethan at summer camp this summer.  They were prayer buddies (we match grade school kids with high school students and commit each to pray for one another while the older ones are at camp).   Ethan is a little bit Jamie crazy—and it is fun to watch for both Ethan and Jamie.  They are a good influence on each other.

So, back to the Wii.  The first Mii that Ethan created, outside of our family, was Jamie.  We have an E-Man, a Daddy, one for Momma and the girls too.  But, given the chance, Ethan will always play as Jamie.  Follow Mii.

Leonard Sweet’s most recent book, “I am a Follower,” challenges us in stretching ways to rethink leadership as followership.  We are not called to lead.  We are called to follow.  “Follow Me” is the invitation of the Lord.  And now, as a follower of Jesus I’ll invite others to follow me as I follow Him.  What would it look like if you changed your goal for this year from raising attendance in worship to creating such an impact on someone’s life that they created a Mii on their Wii and named it after you?  Would that make a difference?  Are you willing to impact a child, a youth, a college student, a parent, a grandparent in such a way that they become a little “you crazy” so that you can follow Jesus together?  Could that have made a difference in TJ Lane’s life?  Could you be the person that connects with a troubled soul thereby preventing the next school shooting?  Will you pour your life into another the way that Jesus poured His life into the disciples.

Follow Me!  And be such a follower of Jesus that people will want to Follow Mii


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