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The Best Public Service Announcement. Ever.

“I learned it by watching you”

For me, all Public Service Announcements are measured by this one.  Who’s with me?  Is there a more worthy entry into the PSA Hall of Fame?  These immortal words still ring out even if our drug habits continue to escalate.   “I learned it by watching you.”  And yet these words are so true.

The 2nd use of the law is often depicted as a mirror.  The law shows us our need for Jesus by exposing our sins and our perpetual need for Jesus.  I fully agree with this.  The cross is an incredible message of grace, hope, and love—but it also smacks me in the face because I know that I nailed my savior to it.  The Law shows me my failing and faltering.  And so the law as a mirror shows me my errors and my need for Jesus.

But the mirror of the law is dimly lit (1 Corinthians 13:12).  Often times I look into the law as my mirror, and because of the scales pulled over my eyes, I struggle to see clearly.  In other words, I am really, really good at justifying my behavior and explaining and excusing away my sinfulness.  I don’t see clearly my errors and I think I get it right a whole lot more than I do.

Could it be that our children are our mirrors as well?  If we take seriously the cry of the teen in the PSA and apply it to other aspects—all aspects—of life maybe our kids are reflecting back the things we’ve taught them.  There is fear and celebration in that statement isn’t there.  What are our children learning by watching us?  What are you modeling?  What kind of faith? What kind of decisions?  If our children learn by watching us (and I believe that they do whole-heartedly) than it means that how we practice our faith and how we walk with Jesus (of if we walk with Jesus) on a daily basis will speak volumes and be reflected back to us by our children.

This is the fundamental flaw in the “I’ll let my children decide on their own about faith,” argument that is so popular today.  As we embrace a lack-luster faith of convenience we teach our children that Jesus fits nicely on the shelf in our closet next to the shoe shine kit.  Jesus didn’t shine shoes–He washed feet and He calls us to follow and to incarnate Him in our lives.  What are your children reflecting?  What have they learned from watching you (and they are watching!)?  Teach them and show them the insurmountable joy of knowing Jesus


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  1. Ron Orovitz permalink
    14March2012 07:45

    Thanks for the thought. I could not view the PSA you imbedded in your article. I keep getting this message: “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.” I did see it by going directly to YouTube and posting the link in the search box.

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