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Right back at it…


So what difference does it make…this Easter thing? We preach about a new and transformed life seen in the risen Lord and secured for us by his grace. We pray with great fervor for the spread of that transformation over a broken and waiting cosmos. We sing our hymns of praise and play our trumpets loud and shout our alleluias with tears of joy. It’s a wonderful thing…that Sunday celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord.

And then Monday comes…and we are right back at it. The young man who has lost yet another job and whose prospects are bleak at best shows up for food. He’s keeping current on most of his bills, but that leaves nothing for groceries. A weeping mother tells how her child simply broke down at the family Easter party. Only a trip to the emergency room averted a suicide attempt. And the traveler whose clothes and odor bespeak a long time on the road stops in for a rest, some water, a little food and a prayer for safety on the next part of the journey.

So what difference does it make…this Easter thing?

At one level, I suppose it’s the fact that there is food and water, a listening ear and a blessing prayer in this place for those who need. At least a part of the ministry of the congregation with whom I serve makes sure that such necessities are available. That’s a good thing.

But there is an even better thing. The resurrection is a stunning reminder of the fact that God has the final word. Despair and hurt, sin and suffering can do their worst…and will do their worst as evident in the lives of those who come seeking help. But they do not own us, and they cannot forever claim us as their own. The presence of the living Christ assures us that it is still our destiny to live in the embrace of our heavenly Father. It’s just that, at least for now, the Father’s embrace may well take on the holy forms of food and water and friendship and counsel and blessing.

So, we are right back at it…living out today the Easter thing we celebrated yesterday…perhaps with tuna instead of trumpets, a pat on the back in place of a sermon, and a cup of cold water shared as the cup of a promised new covenant. Alleluia. Christ is risen on Monday, too.

Can’t wait to see what the afternoon brings.


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