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Jesus Rose from His “Deadness!” Alleluia!



This is Sam.  Sam is five, just barely five!  Sam and his brother and mom will be baptized soon.  But already Sam knows exactly what this Easter-thing is all about. . . as he puts it, “Jesus rose from his deadness.”  In his five year old, very intelligent, mind this is all that matters. . . in my 43 year old brain I would have to agree with him!

What does this mean for us that Jesus rose from his deadness?  Well for starters, it is the ultimate in happy news!  No more do we have to go it alone in this life and yet we often do, don’t we?  If we could remember Sam’s words then perhaps we would stop trying to do it all by ourselves, force everything to work, push harder to make things right and good.  Maybe if we could just recall this five year old’s sage proclamation we could relax, simply relax right into the arms of the God who defies all of the rules of physics and biology and creates new life out of death.  The same God who created everything out of nothing!  It’s simple really, and so very pure. . . no more do we have to do it all on our own (as if we ever could in the first place). . . God has done ALL of the hard work for us!  God has turned his great love for humanity into something new- everlasting life- no more deadness- only aliveness!

Imagine that kind of love for a moment. I think we can only stand thinking about it for a quick second because it is so overwhelming.  It’s a love that calls us to die for the ones we love. . . if you’re a parent or a spouse or have a best friend then you’ve felt this kind of love before.  It’s a love so deep that to feel it, I mean really feel it in the depths of your being is to physically hurt.  When the object of your love hurts, you hurt!  When they are in pain, you are in pain!  That’s how intense this kind of love is (I know- for all my friends who study family systems- not very self-differentiated is it?)

That’s not to say that it isn’t the most wonderful thing you’ve ever experienced; a love like this is rare and special and something to cherish. . . and yet it is a love that can be almost painful because it urges us to sacrifice for the one we love.  It makes me think that it must have hurt God deeply to love humanity so much. . . just like our deep love for our children and loved ones sometimes makes us ache inside.  This is not a post on atonement theory, simply a reflection on love and how intense God’s love for us must be to cause God to set aside the rules of the ordered universe that He created with a word and a breath so as to bring new life to what had tragically expired.  A love like this leaves a scar, or rather holes in the hands of a Savior.  A love like this defies all boundaries of space, time, existence. . . and emotion.

Does this make you feel at all warm inside?  Does this make you feel at all special?  Does this make you FEEL anything at all?  If so, hold onto it!  Hold onto it when you are close to forgetting and you have the urge to go it alone once more.  Hold onto it when you are feeling strong and think you have life all figured out!  Hold onto it when you wonder why you ever thought you could figure anything out about life, love and faith!  And please remember, if you don’t remember anything else. . . remember the words of the very wise five year old boy named Sam. . . his words will be a reminder to you and to me of what God has done for us out of His great love, “Jesus rose from his deadness.”  

So live!  Live fully!  Love extravagantly!  Let yourself be loved as well!

Happy Easter!  He is Risen! Alleluia!


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