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The Bride


Just over a year ago my brother in law, Ryan, died.  To say it was sudden isn’t strong enough.  He left behind 2 precious little girls.  2 weeks ago those girls came to live with us.  And we have been blessed.  We certainly have been running a little ragged.  I now have 6 kids under the age of 7 that lay their heads on pillows in my house every night.  My wife is the most amazing woman I know!

I share this twist in our lives for a couple of reasons.  First is to challenge you.  There is no earthly way possible for us to care for these 6 children the way that they need to be cared for.  Thankfully, there is a heavenly way this is possible.  And, I would argue, there is a heavenly way possible for you to pour your life into someone that is in your circle of influence.   I think there is a world of difference between spending your time and investing your time.  My challenge for you is who will you invest time in today?

Because the second piece of the puzzle for us is the manifold ways that I have been blessed by bringing my two nieces in to live with us.  Lest I paint too rosy of a picture, there are certainly added challenges and heightened frustrations, but it is also amazing how much your heart grows when you let others inside.  I’ve become a better parent, a better husband, and a better follower of Jesus in these last 2 weeks.  I’ll let you ask some of those I serve to see if I’m a better pastor—but I think I’m a more real pastor now too.  There are not many things better than watching the faith of a child bloom before your eyes.  To hear the prayers of a child who is just learning how to pray.  To hear the questions of a child who is hearing the stories of scripture for the very first time.  To see the glimmer in the eyes as a child is starting to see the power of God at work in their lives.  Yes, these precious children are blessing me abundantly.

Finally, I want to share how much I’ve been blessed by others because of this leap of faith my wife and I took.  In 1998 I went to the movies with this cute girl from college.  And, in order to maintain my “man-card” you must know that she chose the movie we were going to see—Titanic.  We went, we held hands, and we fell in love.  Just recently that cute girl from college had some of the moms from our church come over and shared our storied beginning.  They all asked if we were going to go see the movie again now that it is back in the theatres in 3D.  My wife laughed and said, “we’ve got 6 kids.”  The following week, 5 folks from that group came over on a Saturday afternoon with a gift card in hand and pushed us out the door to go re-live our first movie.  (Spoiler Alert: they didn’t change the ending).

I could probably write a book over my experiences these last two weeks.  Of this I’m convinced, the Bride of Christ has done a lot of bone-headed things in her storied history.  But when she gets it, there is nothing more beautiful. Be the Bride of Christ today.  Invest in others, be a blessing to others, and find a way to surprise people with unmerited love.  It will change you and be an example of what following Jesus is all about.


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  1. Pamela permalink
    9May2012 09:31

    Scott, absolutely exquisite posting. May the bride of Christ, the church, continue to discover more about her spouse. P

    • 9May2012 22:20

      Well said Pamela. May we always find new ways to be His loving bride. Thanks for your encouragement. SMN

  2. 9May2012 13:23

    Just what I needed today Scott!

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