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In my humble opinion we live in a world gone mad.  We give trophies now for participation, we go to a youth sporting event and are told to not keep score (even though the players sure know the score), we are told to not celebrate a win.  While I do like a humble winner – and at times I can be a humble winner (not every time though) – I think that in some ways we have been sold a bill of goods.  Folks, winning is a good thing.  Winning that comes from preparation, training, focus, being driven towards a goal is NOT a bad thing.  I am NOT a good golfer, I shoot in the low 90’s for 18.  I love playing with really good golfers who remind me that the real competition is with myself – but every now and then I need to play against someone of my playing level and I need to win.  I like to feel the swagger of walking off the last green.

At a Confirmation Camp I attend a group of pastors go out one night to play trivia at a local tavern.  A few years ago we finished the night fifth in the nation – there were high fives and back slaps all around – and it was TRIVIA – beer supported, but TRIVIAL stuff.  I bet if you are honest with yourself whether it be scrabble or the Super Bowl you’d rather win than lose.

So I have to ask, what in the world has happened to the Church?  I am so tired of what USED to be, of what it SHOULD be, of what we DON’T have – where in the HELL has this spirit of scarcity come from?  The church reminds me of the 40 year old I saw on television a few years ago when I was sick.  He was on some stupid talk show talking about why he was suing his mother and father because they OWE it to him to provide for him because he didn’t ask to be born.  I remember being in a Nyquil induced stupor screaming, “GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND WORK”

Allow me to share a secret with you.  I’ll wait while you take a moment to make sure you have a high enough security clearance for this.  Christ WON.  Period – end of story – Christ WON.  Christ defeated sin, whipped death, and destroyed The Devil.  The tomb is empty so WE can live victorious.

I am not going all Joel Osteen (gag) or Joyce Meyer (puke) and talking about how Christ wants us to be wealthy – I am saying why would folks want to be a part of a group of folks who don’t know they won and don’t sound, walk, talk, or act like champions?  It’s time for the Church to live victorious – for Christ is the Champion and has grafted His Church into that vine.

Take a listen and find your Eye of the Tiger 


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