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The Trash Heap


There is an empty lot next to our house.  It is often overgrown with grass and dandelions, and those other weeds that are really fun to pick and blow apart.  In the middle of that lot is a pile of rocks and some real weeds.  It has become my compost pile of sorts.  Whenever I’m picking weeds in our flower beds (rarely), or the grass gets so high I need to bag the clippings, or I’ve got extra dirt from my latest project I deposit the refuse there by those rocks.  It is my landfill.  When I dump things there it is because I don’t want them anymore.  This is my trash heap.

So, awhile back I was headed over with a bucket full of weeds.  I was astounded by what I saw.  Rising up out of the ugly and discarded, the forgotten and the unwanted, was a beautiful tulip.  A tulip in a trash heap—have you seen such a thing?



Now you have!

The tulip didn’t just make me turn aside—it really got me thinking about how God works.  It is out of the ugly cross that the fragrance of resurrection blooms forth.  It is in the dark and pungent tomb that Jesus calls out Lazarus.  The valley of dry bones.  An unwed teenager.  The belly of a big fish.  Entrapped in Pharaoh’s hand. A persecutor of the church.  Tax collectors, prostitutes, shepherds.  At every turn, our Resurrection God plants beautiful flowers in trash heaps.  He redeems the forgotten.  Embraces the cast aside.  The trash heap is His playground and reflects His handiwork.

It is a unique perspective to carry with you each day—to look to the garbage dumps for beauty.  But I challenge you to do just that today.  Look for glimpses of resurrection among the dead—and the dead to you—places.  This is where God shows up.  Again. And. Again.

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