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There has been a factoid floating around these past couple of weeks and it scares the bejeebers out of me.  And my dentist too.  The statistic is this: There are more cell phones in the world today than there are toothbrushes.  (you can check out for yourself by going here: )  This means there is a greater likelihood that someone will make a phone call or send a text message today than brush their teeth.  My Bejeebers have left the building!

We can be scared of this new world—or we can find ways to lean into it and utilize this for the Kingdom of God.  Because the truth of the matter is we have lived in a new world since the rock was moved and the tomb was found empty.  The old world rotated on the axis of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  The New World revolves on the axis of the Tree of Life, which is the cross of Christ.  If this is our axis—if our world has the cross of Jesus as its hub—than our rotation through this world must always have this cross and the fundamental shift it brought as our focus.  Our world has changed.  And so we do not fear the culture as it shifts because we know that there is no change that culture can bring that our savior is not on the other side of already.  But we lean into this culture (in the world, not of it) to find ways to point others to the shifted axis that we spin on for all eternity.

All this to say how can we take this new culture that has more cell phones than toothbrushes and find ways to spread the Kingdom?  I realize that not everyone of those cell phones is a smart phone—but a whole bunch of them are and it is growing by more each day.  I have one—and for better or worse—I live my life through it in many ways.  I keep my calendar there.  I use it to capture my children on camera and on video.  I stay connected to my wife and family.  I keep connected to other via text on it.  I read on it.  I listen to podcasts on it.  I waste time on it.  I even read the Castle Church Door on it from time to time.  It doesn’t control my life—but it, at least, organizes it.  What if we worked on ways for it to become a tool for development of faith as well?  And more than just reading the scriptures on its screen.  I have a friend who is doing just that.  If you are on twitter, you should follow @pjsehl  He is a cool dude, follower of Jesus, and exploring ways to make the phone in your pocket a tool for growing your heart for Jesus.  One simple start—pull out your phone right now and send 5 texts to people who have touched your heart in a special way and say thanks.  Do it now.  Be a blessing to someone today—you can do it with your phone.

Now, go and brush your teeth!


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