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A crazy thing happened the other day as I was leaving lunch with some friends. We discovered that one of the friends had locked her keys in her car. We’ve all been there – that moment when we realize that things aren’t going as planned and now we have to go to  plan B.

It was hot that day – I’m talking triple-digit, tar -melting, sun -blinding, kind of hot. After we stood out there in the sweltering lot for a few minutes assessing the situation, I put the other ladies in my car with the AC on full blast and went into action. I went back to the restaurant and begged a hanger from the manager, and fiddled around for a bit trying to get her keys off the seat and up to the crack of space where the window was open. Attempt after futile attempt, until…..those keys were finally to the top of the window – I could almost touch them with my fingertips. Sweat was pouring from places I didn’t know could sweat, but that didn’t matter, because those keys were tantalizingly close, and then – the unthinkable happened. They dropped – not back onto the seat, but between the seat and the door, now impossible to reach. Talk about frustrating.

By now it was obvious that getting the keys wasn’t the answer, so on to plan C – try opening the back door by pulling on the handle from the inside. The hanger fir through the crack in the back window nicely and around the door handle as well, but it seemed I didn’t have the strength at this point to yank that thing in just the right way. I had been at this for what seemed like forever, and the heat was starting to take its toll. Just at this point, some guy pulls up and asks if we need help. He takes one yank on the hanger and the door opens, the car alarm goes off and all is well.

But that’s not the end of the story. As I was sitting in my car trying to cool off before heading home, the owner of the locked car knocks on my window for me to roll it down. I do, and with tears in her eyes, she places in my hand a small silver medallion with an angel on the front, telling me I was an angel for her today. I was stunned and speechless.

The Bible tells us that angels are among us and that they are messengers from God. We are told that we should entertain strangers because we might be entertaining an angel from God. (Heb 13:2)  On the news yesterday, a man in Brooklyn was at the right place at the right time when a little autistic girl, who was dancing on top of an air conditioning unit outside her 3rd floor window, jumped, and fell 3 stories. He caught her and saved her from certain death.

I’ve often thought about this notion of entertaining angels, but never the idea that God would deign to use me as one. Hmmmm – me, a messenger? Duh, Patti. Step outside the pulpit and what do you think you do, girl? You PROCLAIM!!! By who you are and what you do, you bring a word, a touch, a prayer, even an admonition when needed. Above all, you bring Christ. So my friends, I’m thinking today is the day we go out there and give those wings of ours a good stretch. Be a messenger of God’s love for someone today. Happy flying!


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