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Music: The Soundtrack of Our Lives


I love music, don’t you? All kinds of music, from church hymns to contemporary worship songs to Disney tunes from movies we watched over and over again as my kids went from little tots to tweens.  Now, my oldest child- my son Noah, is totally into filling his iPod with as many songs as he can save on that little silver square of a portable jukebox.  I cannot tell you how many iTunes gift cards he has used up in the past year buying songs from the 1980’s (which cracks me up because they are the songs of my youth), songs from the radio, and songs from the many off-broadway shows we have seen as a family. He is creating the soundtrack of his life which merges and overlaps the soundtrack of my own life and diverges from it at the same time.

Last night in the car we were listening to a radio show called, “Flashback” where the DJ played songs from the past.  As we listened to each tune we tried to remember the artist, the title and the ballpark year it was popular. For each one I only had to remember the context in which that song made an impression on me and then I could place it in its year.  For instance, I remember Janet Jackson’s breakout hit “Control” from when I was a Sophomore in High School playing volleyball. The Seniors on the team “controlled” the music we listened to on the court and this album was the soundtrack of their Senior Year. I remember Abba songs from when I had my first record player as a kid.  My mom had the LP and so we listened to that until the vinyl wore out!  I remember being introduced to R and B music when I was college because that was all my friends on my Track Team listened to. . . and on and on we go as each song plays a part in our memories of the past.

So it is with the songs we sing in worship or at Vacation Bible School.  Once we learn a song by heart it becomes a part of who we are as children of God. I see tears in people’s eyes on the Sundays we sing “Amazing Grace.” This song has been a vital part of many, many loved one’s funerals and it brings back strong memories. When I am in serious need of a spiritual lift the songs I go to are “How Can I Keep From Singing?” and “Be Thou My Vision.” These are just two that can take me away and place right in the Savior’s arms where I remember that I am loved and free and precious.  What songs that community of faith sings touch your  heart? What songs give you a feeling of times past? What songs lift your spirits when you are struggling?

Please share with our readers the soundtrack of your life. . . it’s inspiring to hear and points us all toward our common journey of faith.




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