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Letting Go



From the moment we give birth to our children, we begin the process of letting go. It takes about 18 years, give or take, and goes something like this….(scenes may vary from home to home)

Our first letting go was just moments after our oldest was born, Struggling to breathe on her own, she was rushed to the NICU. Instead of that long awaited moment of being placed in my arms, she was put on a respirator instead.

Letting go – of tiny hands as our children learn to walk on unsteady legs like miniature drunken sailors, as we give them the gift of mobility.

Letting go – of being sole caregiver and teacher as we put them on a bus or walk them to their first day of school, and give them the gifts of knowledge and friendships, and explorations on a whole new level they never knew existed.

Letting go – to sleepovers for the first time, the house so eerily quiet as we go to bed, hardly able to wait till pick-up time the next morning, as we give them the gifts of developing wonderful friendships, and learning new social skills and remembering manners, and seeing how other families live.

Letting go – behind the wheel of a 2000 lb. machine as it hurtles down the highway at 65 miles an hour, as we give them the gifts of responsibility and independence.

Letting go – to proms and dates, to parties and movies, to picnics and parks with the love of their life, entrusting them with another, and giving them perhaps the best gift we can – our trust.

Letting go – as we move them out and move them on – to college, to higher learning, to a life beyond home, as we give them the gift of wings, having already given them a solid gift of roots. We let them go. 

But wait – we already did this – a long time ago – at the Baptismal Font – In making promises to teach them the Lord’s Prayer and place in their hands the Scriptures, in promising to bring them to the Lord’s Supper and teaching them the ways of the faith, in having them marked with the cross of Christ and sealed with the Holy Spirit, we let them go as ours and claimed them for Christ. 

And so my daughter, as I let you go, off to the world of college and a whole new discovery of adventure and learning and friendships and independence, I do so in the certainty that I once claimed you for the one who will never let you go. Remember who you are and whose you are, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, AMEN!


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  1. Susan H. permalink
    18August2012 17:32

    OH boy! Thank you! This was so helpful for me to read. We take our first born, Kate, to college wednesday. I will be reading this many times as it is so comforting.

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