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The Hook


The front room of our house has a large mirror hanging on the wall.  It is heavy.  Really heavy.  And so my wife and I were intentional about what types of hooks to use to hang it.  I used two hooks to ensure that they could bear the weight.  They didn’t… Shortly after leaving the room I heard the crash.  Fortunately the fall didn’t break the mirror—but it was clear the hooks didn’t hold.

This past Sunday we heard the confession of St. Peter as he responded to Jesus’ question, ‘Who do you say that I am?’  “You are the Messiah.”  In this confession of faith, Peter professes an unshakable truth.  Jesus, our Messiah, is the hook that can bear the weight of the world.  No matter our struggles, no matter our grief, no mater our pain—Jesus will hold you.

The truth is, Jesus and me have been wrestling a lot in the past week.  Like Jacob, I’ve been walking away with a limp—maybe it’s more of a lump.  It’s in my stomach and in my throat.  Last Wednesday my good friends were forced to say goodbye the same day they said hello to their Son.  Noah Ryan was born into this world and into heaven on the same day.  As such, Noah’s parents have been forced to endure two deaths—the death of their infant son and the death of the hopes and dreams they have for him.  Our community of faith has joined them in grief, surrounded them in prayer, and cried along side of them.  It is because of days like these that we have faith.  Maybe you’ve had days like that too.  And, it is in days like this that we take solace and great hope in knowing that Jesus, our hook, will not let us fall.  He can bear our pain.  He can endure our anger & questions.  He joins us in our weeping.  And He holds us in His nail pierced hands.  Selfishly, I want more from Him.  I want Him to raise the dead and I want Him to do it today.  But I also know that His ways are not my ways.  And I know that His ways are good.  I just don’t always agree.

Just like Peter didn’t agree.  Peter didn’t like the idea of the Son of Man going to Jerusalem to suffer and die.  I don’t like the idea of Noah’s parents suffering and I don’t like the cold reality of Noah dying.  But Jesus didn’t ask Peter and He didn’t ask me.  Instead, Jesus reminds us both that the Lord is our leader.  Get behind me…   Following Jesus is hard because it means we go places we don’t want to go.  I’ve gone lots of places this past week that I didn’t want to go.  But I’ve also seen His hand at every turn.  In the suffering and pain I’ve seen his protection.  Through the tears I’ve seen glimpses of His perspective.  In the empty arms of a couple I dearly love, I see a savior who holds tight to His children—who clings to Noah and his parents.  And in all of our broken hearts, I hear the confession of Peter who reminds us that Jesus is strong enough to bear the weight of the world.  He is strong enough to bear the weight your world.  I’m still wrestling with my Lord.  He keeps winning.  And He keeps reminding me that He won’t break under the weight of my heart—and, you know what—I believe Him.


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  1. 21September2012 15:15

    Well said, Scott.

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