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So……the big news the morning after the great debate – Big Bird loses his job if a certain candidate gets elected. Really? THAT”S what 2 hours of messaging boils down to? How embarrassing for us as a nation as the world watches on, that THIS is what makes the rounds of the morning news shows today. Did something get lost in translation here? Am I missing something? Or have we become such a nation of cynics that it simply doesn’t matter? 

My daughter called from college during the debates and asked if I was watching. I told her I was and asked if she was doing the same. She and a group of her friends were in the room with the best TV, doing just that. SInce this is the first time any of them will vote, I was interested in their reactions. They were looking for substance, and found it lacking. They were looking for issues, and found empty rhetoric. They were looking for meaning, and found Big Bird!

As preachers and pastors, we have the task of bringing a message far greater than any political candidate could hope to deliver. We have the task of bringing the message of salvation, brought about by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus himself didn’t rely on any gimmicks as he went about the towns and villages proclaiming the Good News. He attracted large crowds wherever he went, simply by who he was and how he lived; he said “Follow Me”.  The debates Jesus engaged in were, while not of his choosing, certainly filled with substance and meaning, and from the perspective of Jesus, handled with grace and dignity and wisdom.

It might be tempting to muddy the message with programs,and gimmicks, and events that attract crowds, but leave them wondering who this Jesus is after all. We might get nervous when our numbers dwindle and our attendance drops and attention wanes. Perhaps that is the time for a reality check – what’s our message? If we want people to follow Jesus, is what they see Jesus? Or do they see Big Bird?



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  1. John permalink
    4October2012 10:45

    I hope and pray that Big Bird and friends get to keep their jobs. All they need are sponsors, not advertisers, sponsors who care that the PBS message is getting out to the little people that they serve. I think that there are plenty of concerned people that can and will step up to keep PBS going. It is time for PBS to stand on it’s own just like all the rest of broadcast, cablecast and webcast programming has to.

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