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pay attention


It was subtle.  If asked, she might even say, ‘it was nothing.’  But it was also profound.  A couple walking to the cell phone store isn’t remarkable—it is boring and non-news.  But the man was holding a cane.  It was clear mobility took effort. I step over curbs hundreds of time in a week and don’t think once—let alone twice—about them.  Not this man.  Curbs are big obstacles for him.  I was headed to my car, not in a hurry.  I had just recently read a book about paying attention—which, for the record was a common phrase for Jesus.  So my eyes were open in a different way than most of their waking hours.

And so I saw the woman (I can only assume it was his bride) slow, turn back, reach out, and help.  She guided him over the obstacle with a caring embrace, and second nature calm.  It was clear that this was a common behavior and a habit of love.  It was nothing special.

But that’s just it.  This was and is special.  A love and connection, forged through the years that approaches obstacles together no matter how miniscule or major. Maybe that 5-second moment wasn’t enough to make the news that evening or the subject of the next blockbuster movie.  But it was touching.  And it changed my day.  It is no small occurrence to witness the caring help of one human to another.  The little things make a big difference.

Becoming aware of those little things is hard.  It takes an awareness of the faith-filled discipline of paying attention.  Be on the look out for our God at work.  The fact that God still works is pretty foundational to our understanding of the Incarnation.  God is still up to things in this world.  When we rush through life, through our day, through our grocery list, through our errands, through our relationships—it is easy to miss the Lord at work.  It is a holy discipline to be slow—and not one I’m very good at either.  Take your time today.  Be on the look out for the little things.  Open your eyes to see the ‘it was nothing’ moments that, when we stop and think about them, we just might recognize that this ‘nothing’ was actually pretty profound.  Pay Attention—you might see God at work….



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