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Fire Ants


Take a minute and watch this remarkable video.

I remember mounds and mounds of these nasty red ants all over the back yard while my wife and I lived in South Carolina.  They are pesky little critters. But as the above video shows, they are remarkable as well.  This is one of many videos showing the ‘life boat’ that fire ants create to withstand raging floodwaters. (There are others that show them in their natural habitat as well).  Our Creator designed these creepy-crawlies with an amazing ability to survive.  When storms come and the waters rise, the ants will link together, clasp their mandibles and their claws together and cling to one another.  The lifeboat seems virtually impenetrable.  The ants can float in this formation for weeks at a time until the water subsides and order is restored.

Who do you link with when the storms rage in your life?

I want to encourage you to increase the size of your lifeboat.  Broaden the reach of the people in your web of faith who help you and whom you can help when flood waters climb higher.  I think it is important for all of us to ensure that the people in our web are not just our peers.  A faith web works best when it includes people from every generation.  Linking up with those younger than you and older than you is essential to surviving the storm.  The young can offer energy and enthusiasm, support and fresh ideas.  The old can offer wisdom and experience, strength and perspective.  We all have love to give, and this is on beautiful display as we link arms with one another to face the wind and the rain of life.

You saw in the video the instrument that was pushing down on the group.  Life pushes back at us every day, does it not?  One ant by itself is not difficult to get under the water.  As they link together they are able to withstand considerable force.  With Jesus as our connection and our strength, and one another as our network of strength, we too will stand firm and stand tall when pressure bears down on us.  Be on the look out for your faith web today.  This Sunday, make it a point to connect with a high school student or younger.  Get to know them, pray for them throughout the week, and ask them to pray for you too.


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