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Don’t Just Do Something….. Stand There!



It is Advent, after all….. time to wait. My youngest asked, “Mom, I know we’re waiting for Jesus and all, but what are we supposed to DO while we’re waiting?” She’s been antsythese days. That’s because we haven’t rushed into the madness of hurrying Christmas along this year. The first weekend of Advent we merely put up a tree with lights, and let it be at that.

So when she started talking about what we do while we wait, we talked about what it means to wait – to simply wait on the Lord. To stand still for a change and be in a place where there isn’t a lot of doing, but a lot more being. We talked about praying during this time, not for ourselves and our wants and needs, but praying for the wants and needs of others.

This past Saturday, this same daughter of mine had a friend visiting for the day, and they were in the playroom being very quiet for several hours. Almost too quiet. Just as it was about to get the best of me, they came upstairs with a paper chain that must have been 20 feet long. “It’s for the tree,” they said. “It’s a prayer chain!” As i asked them more about it, it became clear that something had sunk in. They were explaining to me how one link was for each person and each need. Wow – lots of needs there. Well, turns out Hannah’s friend wanted a chain for her tree, too!

So we hung half the chain on our tree, and Rachel took the other half home for her tree. We posted to our friends what we were doing, and the prayer requests have been rolling in. To stand in prayer for others during this Advent season is an awesome responsibility and honor. We gather around our lit and papered tree, with names growing by the day, and our focus is not on gifts, or shopping, or baking for these moments. Our focus is on the coming of the Lord, into the lives and needs of the people we name aloud. And for these moments, the world stands still and we wait with renewed hope. Come Lord Jesus, Come!


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  1. 14December2012 01:58

    That is awesome! We have done thankful chains for Thanksgiving but I really like the idea of an actual prayer chain!!!! Great idea, Hannah.

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