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A Gift is STILL a Gift. . .


Sometimes I get a little discouraged. When I get really busy and tired and worn out it happens more readily. In those times I have a hard time remembering what God has done for me and how that “ought” to shape my responses to others. Yes, in my fatigue my sin takes over and  I fall right into  a lack of charity (charity in terms of putting the best possible construction on another’s words or deeds). Ho hum. . . I confess my crankiness. The law has revealed itself to me, I repent.

A Gift is a Gift No Matter What

A Gift is a Gift No Matter What

It happened just before Christmas last week as I received news from a local store that some gifts the church folks purchased for a local family in need were unwrapped and returned, said to be “too ugly” for their taste. That makes me very sad on multiple levels, perhaps you can imagine. So I did a little rant, I even said to no one in particular because there was no one around to hear, “Shame on them!” But as I cooled down several days later I said to myself, “Shame on me.” A gift given is still a gift. A gift means no strings attached. A gift means you can do whatever you want with it and I have no say, or at least I shouldn’t say anything about it.

And then I think about God. God, who has given us the greatest gift we could ever possibly imagine: Jesus Christ, his only Son, who lived and died and called us “worth it.” And then there’s that part where we don’t always take that gift to heart. We don’t always appreciate it. If we could take it back to the store perhaps we would, saying it doesn’t quite fit, or it isn’t the right style or it’s simply not as fashionable as we would like. And yet, the gift given is still a gift. . . we are free to do anything on earth that we want to do with it. We can cherish it and share it, we can ignore it and put it in the bottom of our closet, we can discard it in contempt. But the gift still remains a gift, no strings attached, nothing required in return, free.

Lord help me to accept the gift you have given me. Help me to share it with others. Help me to keep on giving and not getting discouraged or offended by the way others choose to receive or not receive. Thank you for your incredible, amazing generosity.



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  1. 27December2012 09:05

    For me,daily accepting the gift of Jesus’s love and redemption is the key. Racing around, doing holiday “stuff” and not taking time to purposefully soak in God’s presence and love spells trouble for me. I can only open myself up to others if I have first opened up to God! Thank you for your posts and faithfulness – castle church door is part of my devotional time.

  2. 31December2012 09:59

    So glad that our struggles make sense to you and others so that together we may more faithfully serve our Lord.

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