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Day One: A New Beginning


A fresh new calendar is on the refrigerator.

A new page has been turned in my date book.

It’s just another day, and yet it always seems like a new beginning, the first day of the year. What will we do differently this year? How long will our promises to ourselves last? Can we maintain our good behavior indefinitely, and if so why haven’t we done so all along?

This concept of resolutions is a noble one to be sure. . . but real change requires much more than good intentions. I think it actually requires serious pain. We only change when our ability to tolerate the pain in the present becomes too sharp to ignore any longer. Our awareness must shift. Our motivation must increase. Our goals must become life-giving.














It matters not whether we are talking about addiction- that moment of rock bottom, or realizing that the way things have always been before is simply insufficient, no matter how comfortable. In the church there is always need for re-formation. But often our pain tolerance is incredibly high in the faith community. Or perhaps it is our pain avoidance rather than allowing ourselves to actually feel the slow death of a decrepit institution that serves itself rather than the world.

There is good news. Each day is a new beginning, not just 01/01/13. Each day we have an opportunity to listen to Christ’s mandate to love and serve our neighbors, to die to our selves and to pick up the cross and carry. Each day we have a chance to fix the limp of our parishes, to go from comfort and stagnation to thriving bodies of Spirit-filled joy and discipleship. Every day we have the chance to be shaken from our food-induced, technology induced, too-much-stuff-to-be-good-for-us induced stupor to following the will and ways of God in a hurting world.

The paper and wrapping of Christmas are now put away. The trees are coming down and the candles are extinguished. The babe who was in the manger is now loose in the world: loving, freeing, reconciling, urging, equipping, teaching, modeling, saving all of us from that which makes us spiritually sonorous. It’s a new beginning- today and everyday. Let us embrace our call as disciples and get busy doing God’s work. Let it be our LIFESTYLE, not a resolution we make that is soon forgotten and left behind with the unworn work out shoes.


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