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Roadblocks on the Journey


Yesterday morning our weekly book study we were reading about the roadblocks that Paul suffered while trying to get to the churches he had founded or was encouraging.

I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that I have often intended to come to you (but thus far have been prevented), in order that I may reap some harvest among you as I have among the rest of the Gentiles.” Romans 1:13

He knew that the Holy Spirit was calling him to this mission and yet at times it would guide him away from places that were not yet ready to receive the message of Christ. Have you ever felt the Spirit nudging you in one direction only to find out that the direction you wanted to go would have been a place where you were not accepted, a place that was not ready for you and your proclamation?

Out of that conversation we began to uncover times in our lives where we had gone “through stuff.” How those obstacles had kept us away from God and our faith family. Each person went around the table and joyfully shared how another member of the faith community had reached to them and said, “Hey there, I don’t know what’s the matter in your life but I want you to know I care and I’m praying for you. Please come back. We miss you.” They recounted how much that mean to them, even if it took multiple advances and reminders of prayer to get them to move back to where they belong- the Church of Christ.

Life Sends Roadblocks for Us to Navigate on our Journey

Life Sends Roadblocks for Us to Navigate on our Journey

Those roadblocks could be relationships where one person is a Christian and the other resents the faith disciplines in their partner’s life. It might be an incredibly painful loss such as death of a loved one or a divorce. It might be a complete change of lifestyle that one didn’t expect that sweeps away all security and peace. However, the good news is that Christ is ALWAYS with us- fully and completely, loving us, walking with us, sending people to us who remind us of our value and belovedness. At the time we cannot see any of it; we are blind to the bigger, cosmic, spiritual picture. But once we have passed through the emotional fires, walked across rushing rivers of angst, managed somehow (we don’t know how because it’s not us doing the managing) to get back on our feet physically, financially or what-have-you, we see that Christ was there all along. We see that he gave us the strength to move forward rather than just lay down and die. We see that he has restored our faith and given us a new life which is more incredible than anything we could have even imagined possible. And we see how the community of faith has nurtured us, fed us, prayed for us, checked on us, reached out to us, whispered our name, and never, ever forgot us as a fellow journeyer on the way.

The next time you discern a roadblock in your faith journey, when you feel like you are hitting the proverbial brick wall, stop and think about it: Is the Spirit moving me in another direction? A direction where I will be received for who I am and what I stand for? Could God need me in another place that where I think I should be?

Blessings on your journey! Christ is with you!


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