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Be the spoon…


Baby Caroline got her first taste of solid food on Saturday. In keeping with the tradition of her ancestors, she took to it rather well. In fact, one taste was enough to convince her to dive right in…literally. A hungry baby; good cereal, lovingly prepared and offered; and a “I need to get some more of that” response. Love the enthusiasm.

But I also love the metaphor…or is it an allegory? Which ever. A hungry world. Good news, lovingly prepared and offered by the heavenly parent who wants us to grow up big and strong and healthy. But how does that goodness get communicated in this day and age? What will bear the answers to the world’s hungers? What has the ability, in the grip of the Father, to serve up what is needful for growth and healing and reconciliation?

The spoon.

I realized it when I saw the video. I want to be the spoon. And if you’re looking for purpose…searching for the meaning of your Christian life…maybe you want to be the spoon, too.


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  1. 18February2013 14:33

    Metaphor/allegory. Len Sweet calls them Narraphors. Narratives and Metaphors–telling stories to make points. Kinda like Jesus. I like the spoon. SMN

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