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A different reminder…


vocationIn the 16th Century the Evangelical (read Lutheran) hallmark was centering our life together around the Doctrine of Justification;  that Christ alone makes us just by his work for us, not the work we do. In doing so the Spirit calls into Christ’s body – the Church.  As the Church we needed a huge reminder of this truth. In many ways we still do.

Yet today we need a different reminder – that the Church led by the Spirit is called to serve in the world.

In the 21st Century what is needed most is the life of the Church is to put the Doctrine of Vocation into practice as our centerpiece of who we are; that in every place we find ourselves – we are freed in Christ to serve others.

Being Church today means:

Less having the pros do it. Less nostalgia. Less navel gazing. More serving.

We care called to equip one another in Christ to serve freely wherever we are, in all walks of life, in every interaction, whether we know them or not, however mundane or special we think the task is, however seemingly holy or seemingly secular we believe it is. In Christ we are free to serve.

We’ve always done both these things – holding what Christ does and what we do in tension, but I think the shift is already underway among many of us. How about you?

Watch this short video, and tell me what you think:



“Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift you have received.” (1 Peter 4:10)

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  1. 2March2013 17:18

    “We care called to equip one another in Christ to serve…however mundane or special we think the task is…”

    I find myself often needing to take better notice of the “mundane” needs. The big things tend to clamor louder for my attention and I can’t help but notice and act on them. But the small things…they hardly sound above a whisper. And too much focus on my own noise can easily drown them out. I pray that by the grace of God I would listen better and respond to them.

  2. Susan H. permalink
    10March2013 08:21

    Loved the video and I plan to ask our Pastors if I can play that in church. Thank you!!

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