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Not what we expect…


You said good morningOh, we may complain about it. But there is something comforting about the daily grind of our mundane existence. The alarm clock goes off at the same time. The boss expects the same performance. The kids sit next to the same classmates in the same building listening (or not) to the same teachers. We shop in the same places and eat the same foods and call each other the same pet names and giggle at the same inside jokes we have been sharing with each other for a long time. We sit in the same pew on Sunday morning and sing the same hymns and say the same prayers in pretty much the same order. And out of all this sameness comes a sense of identity and an assurance that everything is alright because everything (or pretty much everything) is the same.

Death, of course, interrupts that sameness. But death is a frequent enough visitor among us as to not be unexpected. We are, like it or not, used to building new patterns and pathways around the emptiness that death affords.

But life? Ah…that’s a whole different story.

This new life…this resurrected life…of Jesus is something we can’t account for. This intrusion of the divine into the comfort of the quotidian is jarring and challenging. How do we accommodate One whose love for us is greater than the accepted physics of our own existence? Even more difficult: How do we who laud the Christ appropriate the patterns of His risen life into our own?

If we are serious about the One whom we confess as Savior and Lord, then the Easter season is a gift…a perfect time for reflection and action on these questions. Daunting? Perhaps. But there is help along the way…the witness of the saints over the past two thousand years, from a couple on the road to Emmaus to a pope who declares himself the servant of a Muslim prisoner. Perhaps in their lives we might find something of our own new lives, and in the process find ourselves in a new routine, walking alongside this One who is simply not what we expect.

Blessed Easter.


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