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Holding Your Family Together


I realize that this blog has not been a place where we have typically advertised various books or materials.  But I feel compelled to share this information because it changed me.  In powerful ways, this work has changed me.

Dr. Rich Melheim, of Faith Inkubators, is celebrating the release of his book today.  Holding Your Family Together is a book that is really his life’s work.  It outlines the 5 step process of the Faith 5–which I have written about in this forum previously.  It is wonderfully written with profound insights, terrific word play, and humorous stories.  But mostly it will motivate you.

I’ve been doing the Faith5 in my family for about 4 years now.  And, in this time of sharing, reading, talking, praying, and blessing I have become closer to Jesus and closer to my family.  Melheim finally gives parents the nuts and bolts of how you do faith with your kids.  If you have kids–read this book!!  If you have grandkids–Read this book.  If you ever come in contact with kids–Read this book.

Jesus captured my heart when I was young.  And my heart was captured again the moment I heard the cry of my first born son.  The teachings in this book have shown me how to do everything I can to help Jesus capture his–and all my kids–heart as well.  I’m a better husband; a better father; a better son; and, I’d contend, a better pastor–all because I have put into practice the teachings that are laid forth in this book.

If you are going to read one book today, open up your Bible!  But, if you are going to open up two–make it this one!


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