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Eyes Wide Open


When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralyzed man, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” Mark 2:5

“The eye is also the mother of intimacy, bringing everything close to us. When you really gaze at something, you bring it inside you. One could write a beautiful spirituality on the holiness of the gaze. . . When you really look deeply at something, it becomes a part of you.” Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom by John O’Donohue




One of the most amazing things about Jesus that I have often reflected on is the way that he SAW people. Really saw them, in all of their pain, misunderstanding, beauty, and humanness. And when he saw them, something happened to them: they were healed. Whatever ailed them was changed for the better. Like the woman at the well (John4) who it seemed had never been truly seen by anyone, knew without a doubt that she was seen by Jesus. And it changed her life, she felt the gaze of God and she was transformed. As children of God, our loving gaze can also transform. When we see, really see, things change for the better.

But how often to do we go through life and fail to see, really see what is right in front of us? Do we see one another or are we so busy that we even though we look, our eyes do not take in the beauty that is all around us? Ask yourself as you get ready to go to sleep tonight, “What did I see today?” Did you really see the faces of your loved ones? Did you look into their eyes and see that they were truly present with you, even for a moment? What color were those eyes that you love so much (the iris changes slightly based on mood, health, vitality)?  How do we know if someone needs our service if we fail to see them?

Our eyes take in so much information in the course of a day that it can be overwhelming just to think about: 20-60 frames per second they say (as if life came in frames, but you get the idea). As O’Donohue says, once we “see” something it becomes a part of us and he is not talking about a cursory glance. I think what he means is to dwell on it, study it, memorize it so you can call it up in your mind later, like the faces of my children that I have studied for many years by now- first as I nursed them, then as I rocked them to sleep, now as they dart around living their own busy lives, their faces are the most precious things to me. They are a part of me forever. Through them I am connected to the God who made them.

I also adore flowers, not flowers from the flower shop, but flowers that grow alongside the road, flowers that pop up in my yard, flowers that are actually weeds to other people. So I look for them and try to absorb the color of them into my heart and mind, and that connects me to the Creator of the universe.

As I walk daily I am always looking for interesting patterns and shapes in nature. The above picture is one I took of a decaying log. Just look at the patterns of the wood on it, isn’t it magnificent? God puts so many beautiful things in our path each day. . .but our eyes have to be wide open to even see them.

What have you seen today? Share your visual and spiritual joys right here.


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  1. 14May2013 21:13

    great blog entry…we lose so much of God’s handiwork because we are heads-down in our lives…and His creation is so incredible. Today, after a long Minnesota winter, I drove home in a 90 degree day, windows down, seeing the green popping from the grass and trees against a gorgeous clear, blue sky…perfect…and I saw a killdeer, which is one of my favorite birds…what a blessing

    • 28May2013 07:46

      So glad you got to see what God put there for you to see! Blessings on your day and thanks for commenting.

  2. 16May2013 07:32

    Wouldn’t be something to literally look into Jesus’s eyes? I wonder…would I hold the gaze in wonder and worship? Would I look down or away?
    Our world seems to be losing “real” or genuine communication. To really see and truly listen (not just hear) are gifts we can give everyday. Most days, I pray “Lord, give me eyes to see, give me ears to truly hear how to love and help your people”. A word of disclaimer on that prayer…God seems more than willing to honor that request. He blesses me everytime I make that request.

    • 28May2013 07:46

      Thanks Susan! You are a blessing and keep up the good work in your context! Keep encouraging people to “see.”

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