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CCD Authors

Creator and Author of CCD

  • Rev. David Brobston, Creator and Author of CCD
  • Pastor at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Defiance, Ohio
  • Fire-Chaplain
  • Champion of all including women in ministry.

  • Rev. Kathleen Suggitt, Pastor at Grace Lutheran Church, Castalia, Ohio.
  •  Former accountant, engineer and now parish pastor.
  • Totally Irish!  Need we say more!

  • Rev. Amy Little, Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church, Monroeville, Ohio.
  • Track and Field Coach.
  • Salsa chef, amongst other things.
  • Rev. Scott Ness, Associate Pastor at St. John’s Lutheran Church, Grove City, Ohio.
  • Working on a DMin in Semiotics and Future Studies at George Fox Seminary.
  • Passionate about transformational ministry.
  • Rev. Keith Falk, Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, Edmond, Oklahoma
  • Basketball lover (Go Celtics!)
  •   Rev. Mark Wilhelm, Pastor at Spirit of Joy Church, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Rev. David Nevergall, Pastor at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Elmore, Ohio.
  • Former advertising executive…and still in the communications business.

  • Rev. Geoff T. Sinibaldo, Pastor at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, New Canaan, Connecticut
  • Started in ministry as a camp counselor in 1994, and is still doing wild and whacky things
  • Has been to the “Castle Church Doors” in Wittenberg, Germany – 2002, 2006 & 2011

  • Pamela Czarnota, Associate in Ministry, Spiritual Director
  • Serves at Christ the Redeemer Lutheran Church, Brecksville, Ohio
  • My mission statement:  I seek to serve as a midwife to the truth, as  a companion to others as                                                                                                                               they pay attention to God’s truth being born  in their lives and in their ministry.

  • Patti and Jeff Morlock are a married clergy couple.
  • Jeff is Interim Visitation Pastor at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church.
  • Whacky, fun-loving parents of Bekah and Hannah (never a dull moment at our house)
  • Passionate about Evangelism, Discipleship, and Multicultural ministry.
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  1. 30December2011 19:53

    What a great looking group of folks you are and what good writing and encouraging words I find here! Thank you!

  2. 8February2012 09:04

    Thanks! Share with your friends 🙂 GTS

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